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Welcome to the Haitian-American Democratic Club of Broward (HADC) website.

All politics begin locally, and we do our part to protect the rights of those from the Haitian Diaspora and contribute to the Broward County Community’s political system. As one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in Broward County, the HADC must capitalize on our strength and recognize the power of our votes. It is a privilege to be able to vote and elect candidates that can best represent us, but our responsibility goes beyond our immediate circle of friends and family…We are the voice of our vulnerable compatriots seeking a path to citizenship…those in need of affordable healthcare…. those making minimum wages and working two jobs to make ends meet… quality education for our youth… protection of the environment…gun control, and the list goes on. It is worth fighting for our democracy…let’s not be bystanders. We invite you to find a way to get engaged and participate in future activities!


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